perfect pant hemlines

It’s been another long and busy week of unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. It’s kind of surprising how much unpacking I have to do when, looking around the new house, I have virtually NOTHING in this place. We’re looking pretty bare bones right now in most (er..all) of the rooms, and what we do have just doesn’t seem right. Too big, too small, wrong color…all my furniture was Goldilocks’d for my last place and I’m not really feeling it here. Why is it that after you buy a house, you want to furnish it, but you can’t furnish it because you spent your money on the house! Ugh!

Time to put away the stress for Friday Fashion!

Last week’s post on cute spring flats reminded me of a Lucky Magazine article I read about shoes and hemlines. As a tall girl, I’m always dealing with hemlines that seem off, and I have a tendancy to big out the completely wrong shoe (e.g. my most super high heels with my Regulars-but-really-need-Longs pants). I thought this article was a nice summary of how to do it right — skinnys with any shoe, floor-length wide-legs with platforms. Check it out!

Question: Do you have trouble finding the pants in the right length? Vent about it!


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