accent nails

I am loving the accent nails look that’s been going around Pinterest and the celeb world recently.


HQ of Beauty Accent Nails

via The HQ of Beauty


Nailside Accent Nails

via Nailside

Even textured:

Polish Art Addiction Accent Nails

via Polish Art Addiction

I finally jumped on the bandwagon with glitter:
Accent Nails

(Excuse the shoddy paint job – this was day 5 of the manicure)

Totally loving them! I’d like to try other combinations of the glitter, but I see the multicolored look in my future too. It would be fun to change it up on each hand, like four dark pinks and one light pink accent on the right, four light pinks and one dark pink accent on the left. Ooo, the possibities are endless!

I’m off on whirlwind weekend — baseball game, wedding, concert — see ya on the other side!

Question: Are you jumping on the accent nails trend?


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