DIY met engaged married artwork

After moving in to the new house, I may or may not have cried more than once from missing my condo. It’s not that I hate the new place; I’m just comfortable with what’s familiar. I just have to remind myself that this house will soon become the new familiar. It just takes time. And some personalized arts and crafts projects can’t hurt.

Met Engaged Marry DIY Art

I’ve seen something like this floating around Pinterest, though where and when escapes me. The basic idea is a set of maps highlighting the location you’ve met, married and lived with your significant other. In my case, because we’re getting married so close to where we live, I went for the met, got engaged and married route.

First, gather up your maps, needle and floss. I got my map of Virginia online, then cropped the three regions I needed in Photoshop before printing each.

DIY Art Supplies

Lightly trace a heart on the back of the map. (I printed and cut out a heart shape to make sure it was even and the same amongst each map.)

Traced Heart

Thread your needle and start stitching from the back of the map to the front (i.e. pull the thread through the map so the knot is on the blank side.) Continue to make small, evenly spaced stiches that follow your traced heart.


You’ll need to be careful that the stiches aren’t too close, or you may rip the paper. When this happened to me, I stuck a piece of clear tape over the rip to repair it, then redid my stiches, making sure to space them farther apart. I thought later you may also be able to avoid this by using a thinner needle.

Taped Stitch

Carefully tie off the thread. Repeat with the other maps.

Then it’s as easy as placing the map in your picture frame!

Finished Thread

I put these on the wall in my little entryway, so they’re the first thing you see when walk in the front door. So far I’m loving them! Not only were they inexpensive, but they have a personal meaning to us. I’m already brainstorming more DIY artwork plans!


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