viva espana

Even though the porch has been progressing slowly, I haven’t been able to stop myself from buying pretty much all the furniture and decor for it. You know, if you build it, they will come. Or in this case, if you buy it, the porch will be done.

Once the second coat of paint finally dried, I ran to the basement like a kid on Christmas morning, eager to open this:

Rug Package

It’s been taunting me since it arrived over three weeks (!!) ago now. How I was able to resist opening this rug for that long I have no idea. I have willpower made of steel. Said willpower does unfortunately not apply to chocolate and assorted baked goods. Moving on.

Here’s the new rug in all its glory:

Espana Rug

The Espana Area Rug via Home Decorators. This rug was kind of on the pricey side for me, who is cheap to begin with and has never spent more than $100 on a rug before. But I kept coming back to it. The color was right and I loved the pattern. And because I figured we had saved money by painting the porch rather than putting down flooring, I figured the saved money could be put toward this.

Espana Rug

I’m really loving it. The rug is sooo soft and plush — I guess that’s what you get when you spend a little money! The color is also perfect — orange but not in-your-face orange.

Can’t wait to continue to finish this space!


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