screened porch update

You know how New York Fashion Week in the spring is all about fall styles, and the fall NY Fashion Week is all about spring? I’m starting to think the fashion gurus are on to something.

Wanting to take advantage of the season, the GC (Kyle) and I put outdoor projects (most of which revolve around the screened porch) at the top of our to-do list when we moved in in April. But now that moderate spring temperatures have moved into chart-topping highs and intense humidity, the last thing we want to do is be outdoors, let alone work our butts off on outdoor projects. I’d rather be relaxing in our cool, cool basement, but we have no plans to tackle that behemoth until winter, maybe fall if we’re lucky. You know, right about the time when it will be freezing downstairs.

Looking back, maybe we should have worked on spring items in the fall and fall ones in the spring? Oh, hindsight.

Anyway, we are finally making some progress on the porch, so I’m still hopeful I’ll enjoy a few mornings and evenings out there before the real hot, sticky summer-in-DC weather begins.

The porch was the first project we started after moving in a month and a half (!) ago. Yup it’s taken this long to go from this:

Screened Porch Before

to this:

Screened Porch After

Why? you ask. Because of the insanely thick layer of mastic that awaited us below those hideous green tiles. Seriously, the layer of this was so thick, I’m surprised we didn’t uncover the body of a wooly mammoth preserved within it like the La Brea tar pits. If any of you are unfortunately faced with the job of removing this stuff from somewhere in your house, try Bean-e-doo. It didn’t work quite as magically as it did in some of the videos we watched, but it was the best product we tried, and it’s a plant-based, EPA-DfE-certified product — important considering the amount of time the GC spent with it.

Mastic Removal

After several rounds of spread Bean-e-doo, wait, scrape, repeat, we finally got down to an acceptable layer of concrete, which was also dyed green — seriously, builders could not get enough of this green back in the 60s!

Our spirits were a bit crushed after applying the primer, and waiting not one, not two, but three weeks for it to dry. We don’t know if it’s just the humidity around here lately (another check mark in the “work on outdoor projects in the fall” column), residue from the Bean-e-doo, inexpensiveness (aka cheapness) of the primer, or some other reason altogether. But at the three week mark we threw caution (and our patience) to the wind and just painted the darn thing. Luckily our super-nice Benjamin Moore paint (Pebble Beach) dried almost completely in 24 hours.

After the second coat here we are:

Screened Porch After

I’ll admit it’s a bit lighter than I imagined when I picked out the color swatch, but it is in fact gray, not white, when you look at it up close. I have some decor plans that include a big 8′ x 8′ rug, so I’m going to let it settle for a bit before I make up my mind.

And that’s the current status of our screened porch. A bit wordy, I know, but a 66 days and counting project will do that to you.

Question: What project are you working on that’s taking much longer than you anticipated?


accent nails

I am loving the accent nails look that’s been going around Pinterest and the celeb world recently.


HQ of Beauty Accent Nails

via The HQ of Beauty


Nailside Accent Nails

via Nailside

Even textured:

Polish Art Addiction Accent Nails

via Polish Art Addiction

I finally jumped on the bandwagon with glitter:
Accent Nails

(Excuse the shoddy paint job – this was day 5 of the manicure)

Totally loving them! I’d like to try other combinations of the glitter, but I see the multicolored look in my future too. It would be fun to change it up on each hand, like four dark pinks and one light pink accent on the right, four light pinks and one dark pink accent on the left. Ooo, the possibities are endless!

I’m off on whirlwind weekend — baseball game, wedding, concert — see ya on the other side!

Question: Are you jumping on the accent nails trend?

perfect pant hemlines

It’s been another long and busy week of unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. It’s kind of surprising how much unpacking I have to do when, looking around the new house, I have virtually NOTHING in this place. We’re looking pretty bare bones right now in most (er..all) of the rooms, and what we do have just doesn’t seem right. Too big, too small, wrong color…all my furniture was Goldilocks’d for my last place and I’m not really feeling it here. Why is it that after you buy a house, you want to furnish it, but you can’t furnish it because you spent your money on the house! Ugh!

Time to put away the stress for Friday Fashion!

Last week’s post on cute spring flats reminded me of a Lucky Magazine article I read about shoes and hemlines. As a tall girl, I’m always dealing with hemlines that seem off, and I have a tendancy to big out the completely wrong shoe (e.g. my most super high heels with my Regulars-but-really-need-Longs pants). I thought this article was a nice summary of how to do it right — skinnys with any shoe, floor-length wide-legs with platforms. Check it out!

Question: Do you have trouble finding the pants in the right length? Vent about it!

6 cute flats for spring

After spending the past two nights moving all my junk into the new house, this weekend will be the final push to get it all moved. Which will be a great relief, because then I can start cleaning and UNpacking. Joy!

One of my favorite ways to de-stress amongst all the house buying/moving is to browser shop (my online version of window shopping.)

Because spring is here and the temperatures are actually going to start reflecting that this weekend (woohoo for 75!), here are some flats I’m loving for the warmer weather:

(Clockwise, from top left)

Cute Flats for Spring

1. Vince Camuto Women’s ONEDA Flat via Amazon. So cute. Anything coral just screams spring!

2. TOMS Silver Morocco Women’s Classics. I’ve done a complete 180 on TOMS. I used to think they were the ugliest things and now HAVE to have a pair. The only thing holding me back is that I can’t decide which design will give me the most mileage. That, and the whole I-just-bought-a-house-I-can’t-really-afford-new-shoes thing. Yeah, being responsible sucks.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Authentic Original Metallic Boat Shoe. I already have the tan leather boat shoes and they’re super comfortable. Gold ones would be really cute to dress up dark denim.

4. Miz Mooz Women’s Panther Ballet Flat via Amazon. Love the turquoise-green color and the scale texture. Pair with white cropped jeans or a white skirt.

5. Aldo Hilser. It’s the versatile nude pump, in flat form.

6. Express Satin Pointy Toe Flats. Cute, colorful and inexpensive!

Question: What’s your must-have for this spring?

Welcome to Nova Nesting!

In t-minus five days I’ll be signing on my first house! That means aside from work, I’ve been spending my time packing all my worldly belongings in preparation to move in next weekend.

Here’s the irony of starting a blog about moving in to your new house – you don’t actually have time to blog anything because you’re moving! I’ll be back with something of a regular blogging schedule soon. Stay tuned!