over the moon

I’ve been seriously neglectful in telling you about our adventures in painting.

I had been throwing around some ideas in my head for what to paint the living room since we moved in. I wanted something light and neutral, maybe just an off white or taupe. But then I started to think that a really, really light yellow could complement the color scheme I have going/want to have going on.

Normally, I would have debated about color selection for weeks, maybe months. The room basically may have never gotten painted. I’m just too indecisive! Then a few weeks ago Sherwin-Williams put all their paint on sale for 30 percent off. And though it’s hard for me to make decisions, it’s even harder for me to pass upon a sale, so we took the plunge and bought two gallons of their Super Paint color-matched to Behr’s Moon Mist.

Would you believe I’ve never painted a room before? Not even a wall.

Cutting In

This painting stuff is no joke! Holy arm workout! And that’s just from the little bit of painting I did do. Major props go to the GC who took on quite a bit of this project while I was sitting on the couch watching Property Brothers supervising.

I will, however, take credit for taping off the whole room.


Because of our schedules, I’d say this took about a week and a half to get to the finished product:

Living Room After

I’m really happy with the color. It’s actually slightly lighter than it appears in the photo, but the effect is very bright and happy. Yes, I think I’ll be making all my interior design choices based on if they are happy or not.

Now that painting is complete, here are some more living room to-dos:

-Paint trim
-Make artwork for walls (in progress)
-Figure out what to do with the gaping hole next to the chair
-Buy something to put over the fireplace
-Redo the fireplace brick?

Have you done any house painting lately? Good news if you have upcoming projects: Sherwin-Williams is having another 30 percent off sale until July 8!